Recurrent recurrent user Spending (3rd Aldershot regional)

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Welcome GameNET employees and worthless human husks of the press to the very best of the very future of very video game marketing. We've got traditional media we've got movie tie-ins. Whats that you want a promotional line of Nanny-bots? Done! Those annoying fiddly never ending online ads? Absolutely! All of this perfectly complements our aggressive, exploitative and technically not illegal monetisation model but you've seen all that before I hear you screaming from the back. Well I'm Plea... cut it out Kevin keep your dumb trap shut, don't make me come up there and... I'm pleased to announce our latest innovation in separating runners from their hard stolen credits.

Recurrent recurrent user spending!

You know you love the rush you feel as all that sweet sweet cold hard cash comes rushing out a runner's bank account when you bring your latest Fee2Play game online but it's just all over too quick. What if I told you that with recurrent recurrent user spending I could enrich your miserable existence and give you that feeling again and again and again. You worms don't think that's good enough? Well by passing the savings onto you we can bolster our ethical and cost effective cyber defences to help us keep our players safe from everyone but us!

Clap... Now!

Spark Agency: Worldwide Reach bringing you tomorrow's unethical business practices today!

Check a look

This was top NBN in swiss and top non Jinteki in the cut, take that Gagarin! The game plan is pretty simple and obvious, install adverts rez them on your turn and their turn and when you've run out of adverts derez 3 of the 0 cost ones to rez a Big Boy then rerez one on your turn one on their turn and the last on your turn for a swing of 9 credits, which isn't bad for a click.

Spark always used to run out of steam but with this ice suite and the ability to rerez your adverts you can continue hammering your opponents credits all game which feels great... for you. Only problem matchups are 419 who does your shtick better than you, freedom who eats up those 0 costers and smoke who just laughs at all your ice and doesn't care about HHN. The only option there is to pray you get an early big ice and enough money or divert power so you can rush out before the inevitable catches up with you.

On the day the deck was very funny to play and not too bad at you know actually winning games going 3-1 in swiss (including a freebie from one of my opponents failing a deck check which was a shame)

R1: Loss Vs 419

@Swiftie's 419 did it's thing and he laughed in my face as he drained my credits with pad tap installs which paid for him to run my popup and break it with amina to drain me more. I was very sad.

R2: Win Vs Val

@Cliquil's Val who couldn't answer Hydra until it was too late and thankfully didn't realise the game winning SSL was in archives after an early Maw mill.

R3: Win Vs Wu

I had a pair of really fun games with John Hulme but the IG v Smoke leg went a little long so we went to time on the return but Wu was broke and I was just waiting to score out or tag and switch for the real win.

R4: Win Vs Wu

This was unfortunately an auto win against James Arnold who failed his deck check the round before. We did play it for fun and he just about beat me but shhhhh Spark still "won"

The Cut

R2: Loss Vs Hayley

This was an epic against @Quarg who went on to win the whole thing. We went at it with me scoring out a QPM and SSL and shuffling back the 15 he stole before he nabbed a GFI while being painfully low most of the game and me administering "value" HHNs to drop below 15 credits to avoid extra beth clicks. We were heading to time and his aesops hayley was running out of deck and money so installed and double advanced in the remote to threaten the win. He drew up to 3 and stimhacked the remote to get through the dataraven and Hydra to only be rewarded with an NGO but the Brain damage missed the second stimhack in his hand on a 50/50 so he stimhacked through the double tollbooth, popup, slot machine R&D with 3 credits to spare finding the 15 minutes on 4th and final card of his Turning wheel dig only to turntable it for my SSL giving him the game! It was wild!

R4: Loss Vs 419

This was it my last shot at staying in and up comes @MotionBlur's 419 we should have called it there and then as the horrors of the first round came flooding back but instead slogged it out with me having 2 of my divert power hydra rezes immediately answered by emergency shutdown which was pretty funny although I got the last laugh by having the 3rd rez stick all the way until I lost the game.

The moral of the story is play smoke and your corp can be whatever you like!

That said I do think outside of it's nightmare matchups it's got a pretty good game and who doesn't like to force the runner to click twice from credits to play that first sure gamble and it felt great to rez the same Tiered Subscription 3 times in one game.

Thanks to all my opponents it was a fantastic day with some great games and special thanks to @Rotage for being an excellent TO (much better than @Swifty).

29 Jul 2019 Hyperbolic_Mess

It's only 13 influence because... um what else are you going to spend it on? It's already perfect

31 Jul 2019 Mindmonkey

Maybe Econ Warfare?