Transaction Vamp

hnautsch 80

Despite going 4-0 with my Titan deck the previous regional, I decided to switch things up and do something more janky. A quick mention of BABW+Blockchain from someone on the Swedish slack channel made me try this deck out, including a tag+bag package. In the first test matches I didn't have an Audacity, but decided to include one as a way of fast advancing an Atlas for the win if the remote wasn't secure anymore.

Unfortunately I made the bad decision of bringing Sunny as my runner. Due to the (un)luck of the draw I played runner first in all 4 swiss rounds, which led to two of my corp games going to time (both ending in tie, the last of which I would most likely have won if only I had gotten to play one more turn). Of the two games I finished in time, I won one against good stuff Val and lost one against Apoc Val.

Still going to test this some more, maybe include a Mausolus or two.