Crystal Pepsi®

CryptoGraham 737

NBN Presents America's Great Soda Challege, sponsored by GRNDL

It's 2019 and people are enjoying their Durian La Croix and their artisanal vegan organic elixirs but have we forgotten what America's really all about?

Stand up, close your eyes and Pledge Your Allegiance to your tastebud's favorite liquid manna!

Hello citizen! Do you have a minute to spare? Oh no, I'm not canvassing for money! In fact, I'm here to offer YOU something! Do you have a quick minute for a taste test? We always appreciate your data.

Ice Cold, Classic Coca-Cola® or Crystal Pepsi®

What's that? You prefer the smooth, yet familiar bite of Option B?

Well! Thank you! Please, have a bottle of Crystal Pepsi®, on me! Thank you for your time!

Come on out and try my blind taste test!

What flavor do you prefer?


Crystal Pepsi is good. Real good. Jam out those assets. You want Daily Business Show and Mumba Temples online as soon as you can muster. Just jam out assets as you get them. Plug up the holes in HQ when you can! Try not to hemorrhage out your agendas in the early game, as CtM is want to do. There will be a critical mass soon to be able to truly punish the runner.

With DBS, you MUST bottom your BOOM!. You don't want it in the bin, you want it as far from your hand as possible in the early game. Preemptive Action it back into R&D if it gets hit. Consulting Visit is all you need to blast them to infinity.

Lady Liberty, as it usually does, is the "I have Agendas" alarm, but this is actually where you start the endgame. They will either trash the Lady Lib (which, hopefully you have at least a couple AR-Enhanced Securitys scored out) or they will try and hammer HQ to steal your wee gendies. But honestly, my favorite feint is to just really Lady Lib only one out and force them to play their outs.

Because that's when you start rezzing your mean bois.

The surprise stars of the deck are Hydraand Thoth. If you can keep them poor, Hydra is basically your max-level Cobra that can either go for a kill or guarantee Tag Hell. I've gotten more than one kill on a surprise Hydra rez. Just be critical and careful of ice placement because when they go tag-me, you don't want to be too porous with your Data Ravens.

Roughneck Repair Squad is in because my meta is full of Val and Mining Accident. Bad Pub can wreck CtM, as we know. Also sometimes you're just clicking for Credits, so why not put the pressure on and click for 6?

This deck is a blast to play.

And trust me,

You've Never Seen a Taste Like This

3 Aug 2019 manveruppd

What's the Blacklist for? You don't fast advance so you're not scared of Clot, is it just for anarch bin breakers?

3 Aug 2019 CryptoGraham

It's for bin breakers, Clone Chip and recursive events (ala Marathon). It also forces them to deal with it and then possibly force a play on the corp's part.