Shaper 4 Dummies

CritHitd20 2398

This is roughly the runner I would have brought to Gencon had work been less demanding. Very unoptimized, and in particular you'll note that the usual Shaper package of Clot/MisD/Stimhack is absent.

The combination of Mining Accident, PAD Tap, and the Wu ability does so much for delaying that early game rush plan. This gives you a lot of time to Scavenge or Wu your Rezekis, land your Proco, and build a real economy. Mining Accident is particularly great here as it either will give you those needed 2 turns to recover from the Proco install or will give you a bad pub for Shaper nonsense with SMC or CC. Basically the reason you should play this is so you can dominate the first few turns while still being able to transition to a normal remote camp shaper afterwards.

There are a lot of things you can iterate from this with; I previously had Levy and before that Inversificator, but I dont think you need a unicorn in this meta. Could also add a random Film Critic if you wanted but I dont think it's as good as the 3rd Beth. You could cut the Falsifieds and have the usual Clot and 2 Stimhacks, but I really like that Falsified affords you financial security as you chill out and farm TTW or mash Proco lategame, especially against Raven or Jinja decks.

Hey you could even add more 2 or 1 costs and try Khusyuk. This deck is great and hooray for getting to play Shaper again.