Aesop's Stargate (7th at NA nats, 2-1)

Diomedes 32

I've been playing Rezeki Wu for about 75% of my runner games since Rezeki came out, and think that the deck is very strong across the board.

Gameplay: The deck can get set up quickly with spec work and diesel to draw into important pieces, and can stimhack out the rezeki's in matchups where that is useful. Usually I find myself saving stimhack though to get an engolo out to trash an early jinja/daily quest or to stop an atlas or nisei mk2 from being scored early game. The nice thing about having kati, aesops, and rezeki's is that you have a ton of redundancy in your economy and can live without some of the pieces for a good portion of the game. Once you are set up you can just remote camp and poke HQ and r and d a bit if they are cheap to get into until you have enough memory to install the stargate to more or less lock out the corp.

In the tournament I had timed wins against Argus and Blue sun, and then lost to the same blue sun in the cut.

Overall I dont think I'd make any changes to the deck right now, it has game against almost every corp. I havent played the IG matchup though and in theory I could see that being pretty tough.

Thanks to Austin and Jamie for running the tournament, it was a lot of fun!

9 Aug 2019 ptc

Nice list. I'm curious what you're typically trashing for Aesop's and Spec Work aside from Harbinger and maybe an unneeded Misdirection or SMC though?

15 Aug 2019 FreqKing

Click to Wu out Harbinger, then Spec Work it is a really strong play. It draws and installs a card you want anyway in one and leaves the facedown for Aesop while accelerating your tempo. I would imagine this is the primary play. As you say though, unneeded matchup cards or SMCs after you have your rig up are also good plays.