Net Positive Nasir for regionals?

martinimon 249

I played Nasir, and placed 9th at Adelaide Regionals. Sure, it was out of 9 players, but the main thing was that this deck went net positive every time (except a single Fairchild 1.0 losing a credit.) Playing the deck!

This deck was a lot of fun to run, games were all really close, but not close enough to get a win. Drug dealer was really nice draw and considering Nasir often has little or no money, it didnt have a down side. I equivocated more than half a deck(20 cards in one game) most rounds in a fun match while top cut took place. Pumping any program with Dedicated Processor helped a lot, especially since gordian and Inti kept strength during the run, Gebrselassie also helped a lot , allowing Kyuban to make credits, easily making 4+ run , after the initial break and boost, Beth gave me 5 clicks every game which helped with equivocate.

Hunting ground could have stopped a loki but then I couldnt break it. Jackpot also did't do much. Sneakdoor didn't do much today, but online testing it won me some games.

10 Aug 2019 PowerBunz