The Outfit : Boom! Drudge Ed. Anti-Mill

bovinepro 50

Do you like killing runners? With Boom? Enter this lovely 59 card deck. With less agenda density than most 49 card decks, when you do inevitably accidentally draw agendas you combo them out with drudge work for 6 and 4 credits, respectively. Gotta have more money than the runner to land those tags. You may want to consider subbing out a punitive or preemptive strike for a High Profile Target. Not a good or competitive deck, meant purely for casual hilarious play.

10 Aug 2019 bovinepro

you would also be surprised how easy it is to play a vanity project and score it in two turns by advancing it 3 times each both turns.

11 Aug 2019 bovinepro

biggest problem I have with this deck is that scoring out vanity project is literally almost impossible, and with only 4 points of armed and 2 points of hostile takeover, that is only 6 points total. consider subbing out Atlas Project x3 and audacity x3 for gov takeover or a vanity and armed intimidation. you would of course have to cut other cards ( 4 cards dropped, so a preemptive, an NGO front, a Trebuchet, and a consulting or boom perhaps )