Come Back Around (1st & undefeated @ BC Regionals)

Alpha 99

Very much based off the Loop Palana build posted by @Cahuita, but with meta edits. This was a small, 10 person regionals; I had a bye, swept, swept, ID'd, then won all games in the cut.

I knew I would see a lot of Apocalypse, Khusyuk, and Stargate, so I absolutely wanted to protect against that with Crisium Grid. Dropping Punitive Counterstrike and Enforcing Loyalty (Cahuita mentioned it was a flex slot) for this seemed the best choice.

I also dropped the one Celebrity Gift as I didn't want to display to the runner what traps I had in hand; I wanted them to come find out for themselves. In place of this, I added another trap! The third Breached Dome.

Because there's only 15 ice in this deck, I opted to switch out Sadaka with the more permanent Excalibur. I'm still not 100% if this was the right choice or not, but in practise and once on the day it bought be valuable time.

The deck name comes from me saying "Loop Back" at one point when somebody hit a Data Loop, which then made think "loop back around" which in turn reminded me of this Feeder song, a band I was very fond of when I was younger.

The mix of glacier and fast advance, as well as Pālanā's econ being very resilient (clicking for credits as needed is fine) makes this deck very versatile. It can win just as easily by scoring out as it can by flatline, or even lockout.

Many thanks to @thike for organising regionals.

In conclusion, here's a hedgehog, because I love hedgehogs.


18 Aug 2019 onibaku06

This deck (and the inspiration for it) look amazing. I've been out of the game for a little while, so I was wondering what this deck has a hard time against?

20 Aug 2019 Alpha

@onibaku06 Thanks! Good early econ denial does well against it (though keeping that up against Palana is tough). Dealing with the Crisium Grids and then Khusyuk spam is strong too.

Otherwise though, it can contend with a huge variety of runners, if anything because the deck can win in early, mid, or late game.