Bulldozer Quetzal 1st Halmstad GNK Undefeated

Bridgeman 436

I tried giving Quetzal a shot, and after struggling for some time to find the right build this list started showing some decent results.

The idea is to make it diffcult for the corp to execute its game plan by putting a lot of pressure on HQ, trashing cards from the hand with wanton or Utopia shard, and possibly from the deck if you get Bhagat. DOF adds pressure as well. To be able to consistently run HQ you can trash ice with Hippo and Knifed.

Load up on cash before the big runs with day job and liberated account to make sure you have enough. Often you have to sit back and get cards and money for a turn or two to be able to make the plays that you need, finding the right moment to run is key.

  • Laamb Helps guarantuee that your runs (most importantly wanton/dof) go through as long as there is only one unknown ice on the servers. Also synergizes with knifed to trash any ice.
  • Surfer makes it hard for the corp to make a remote that cannot be contested, and is useful in general. Also it is good to have extra programs if you are facing SDS Drone deployment.
  • Quetzal + Laamb makes breaking a lot of ice much cheaper.

I chose to have demolisher as my console in part to help deal with asset spam, but also it has synergy with knifed and hippo and provides that extra MU should you want to have two Laambs and a Surfer installed.

Beth has wonderful synergy with wanton and day job if you can get the extra click, and provides good value in general.

Same old thing is amazing here, allowing you to recurr knifed for more ice destruction, DOF to tax the corp, stimhack to get into a remote or even wanton to trash some more cards.

On the day I got pretty lucky managing to land DOF on an open HQ 3/4 games turn 1, but I´d like to think that is not the only reason I did well. :D I faced ASA, Two standard Argus decks, and a punitive palana.

Fun deck, fun tournament :)

13 Aug 2019 DonLoverGate

A great deck piloted by an even greater player.

Damn that T1 doof!

13 Aug 2019 Bridgeman

Thanks man :D Haha only a truly skilled player could have pulled off those DOFs ;)