N0R5E 286

My iteration on the Redder is Better deck style. The goal here is to drain the runner of credits with thick layers of ice on centrals and a scoring remote. Win condition #1 is to score out 5/3s and a 3/1 as a regular glacier deck. #2 is to kill with punitive if they do succeed on the steal, at which point they should be too drained of credits to stop you. ICE selection favors draining their credits, earning you credits, and ETR subs to make running expensive. Feel free to provide feedback on this build.

Card choices:

City Works Project - They know that card is an agenda so just let them see it. 4 meat damage on installed access puts them in easy range of a single punitive kill, or double if they beat the first trace.

Divested Trust - Make them pay twice to steal that SDS, or put the agenda out of their financial reach to make another run. If they do steal one twice, punitives now threaten 6 damage.

Rashida Jaheem - Here for the draw synergy with Jinja and a good way to use the remote when there's not an agenda there. Notice there's no NGO Front. I chose to favor transactions and reveal my public agendas.

Under the Bus - Tech for Film Critic who shuts down this deck and is becoming more common. Grab it with Consulting Visit if you see her.

Blockchain - Lots of transactions makes this expensive to break in the mid/late game. Subs also drain credits if they fire

Slot Machine - Drains credits the best of any porous ICE, if you win the lottery put those tokens on Hortum.

13 Aug 2019 N0R5E

Edits after initial feedback:

-2 Slot Machine, -1 Rashida Jaheem, -3 Beanstalk Royalties

+2 Mausolus, +2 Too Big to Fail, +2 Reversed Accounts

Needed bait to drag the runner through the remote more, but bluffing NGO Front is harder with City Works Project. The solution is to punish them for not running with Reversed Accounts. Also combos well with Red Level Clearance. Lastly, any time you'd want a Beanstalk Royalties in hand you'd actually rather have Too Big to Fail.