Oracle May Fisk (Made to Spar Industrial Genomics)

demoy 363

Way back I made a successful Fisk deck (, where the goal was just to play clean simple Netrunner. Although the deck was named "I keep trying to Fisk CI" (Cerebral Image was a thing back then) the most fun games I had with it was when I was up against Industrial Genomics (and those games have also been only times I enjoyed playing against IG). I intending to at the time one day to make an IG companion deck to spar.

Fast forward to the present and so much has change I need to remake the Fisk deck from scratch. My goal was to make the list as competitive in standard as I could manage., while staying true to the heart of simple Netrunner.

Plays start off simple mulligan for Oracle May or Hostage, then adapt to your opponents actions: rush if they want to rush, flood them if they want to turtle up. Test Run ensures Oracle May doesn't erase our breakers and to grab Femme, which is really strong with Inside Job and Spear Phishing.

For tech 2 Paper Tripping can go over Emergency Shut Down if your meta is full of Hard-Hitting News.

Check out the IG deck to spar with this one (, it is really bold. Both these decks can be played together or apart!

18 Aug 2019 NinjaMike

You should try to find some room for Paragon. That combos nicely with Oracle May and could free up some influence from the Test Runs.