Ag Border Obokata ADF 6 (2nd Metro Detroit Regional)

tvaduva 234

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29 Aug 2019 lopert

I like this list.

Do you find Navi is actually needed? I'm assuming it's for wrecking Surfer, but is Nisei + BC + AgInf ability sufficient for that?

26 Sep 2019 tvaduva

Thanks! It did not have any impact on the day. But, I only faced one Surfer Wu on the day and that was the match-up I was dreading the most. I was able to still win that game without Navi showing up in time. It can also help against other Shapers (i.e. SMC, Clone Chip) as well as a D4v1d.

A few more thoughts on Surfer. The problem I was trying to solve was that unless I use Ag's ability with the first ice, Surfer doesn't allow you to boop them. Which means that most of the time they can use Laamb on the next click. You still have the option to boop them with the first ice (if unrezzed) into another ice that they might want to use Laamb on, so it's not all bad (IIRC, that's what helped me win despite not seeing Navi early enough), but it does make it one of the toughest match-ups. Most of the time you can't get them to have to run through the remote server multiple times in the same turn. There's a similar problem with BC, you can't use it unless it's rezzed, and Surfer doesn't allow you rez it in a lot of cases. Nisei counters are still useful.

With MWL 3.4 banning Laamb, no more need for Navi. I think more econ and/or La Costa Grid would be worth trying out.