Mushin No Shin-anigans 2.0

chemnitz 65

This is a Jinteki rush deck, which uses ambushes and Trick of Light to Fast Advance off of failed ambushes. The key card for setting up those ambushes and Trick of Light-batteries is Mushin no Shin.


This is a standard Jinteki-Fast Advance assortment of agendas. All agendas are worth 2 points, so it always takes 3 agendas to win. 6 out of 9 agendas cost 3 or less (Braintrusts, 2nd and 3rd Medical Breakthroughs, and Philotic Entanglement). These can all be scored off of 1) a Mushin no Shin, 2) a Mushin'ed Plan B, or 3) a Trick of Light, making use of a failed ambush. Meanwhile, the 4-difficulty agendas are not meant for scoring, except in need. The NAPD contracts are taxing to steal, and the 1st Medical Breakthrough is useful regardless of whether it is scored or stolen.


There are five ambushes that are meant for Mushin no Shin. 3-advanced Junebugs are great for a flatline. A 3-advanced AggSecretary will curb-stomp a rig, and it is also useful at 1- or 2-advancements, if Mushin is not available. 3-advanced Plan Bs will score 6 out of 9 agendas. If the runner does not go for these traps, they become Trick of Light batteries. Meanwhile, Jackson Howard smooths out the flow of agendas. Shi.Kyu defends Archives, and potentially forces the runner to need 4 agendas to win.


Mushin no Shin and Trick of Light are the all-stars in this deck. The rest of the operations are a variety of economy cards. Green Level Clearance speeds up the deck while giving cash, and Hedge Fund is Hedge Fund. This deck does not need a ton of economy, since Mushin and Trick are cheap, and the ICE is pretty affordable. Also, Mushin no Shin is a sort of economy and a very effective one at that.


This is a rush deck, so the ICE layout includes lots of cheap End the Run (Himitsu-Bako, Quandary, Guard, Chimera). Guard is especially useful for single-handedly protecting a Mushin'ed agenda in an early-game rush. The rest of the ICE is more taxing and meant for protecting the centrals (Eli 1.0, Komainu, Tsurugi, Ichi 1.0, Grim). Inazuma is the one piece of positional ICE, but it is awesome in front of an Ichi 1.0, Komainu, or Tsurugi.

Other Notes

I had Hives in here, but they would crap out on me right when I need them the most, i.e. right when the runner was starting to really pound the centrals. I also tried out a GRNDL Refinery--it might be good, but I had to cut something in order to upgrade elsewhere. I'm not sure if Green Level Clearance is the ideal economy choice, but I think that it works better in this deck than Celebrity Gift did. Information is too precious. There are plenty of things that I wish that I could add--a second Shi.Kyu to ensure that the runner needs four agendas, another Aggressive Secretary, some sort of recursion (I briefly tried out a 1x Reclamation Order, but it was unlikely to show up when it was useful), or Fast Track for grabbing the third Medical Breakthrough.