Red Flag al Dente (No Surfing Allowed!)

CryptoGraham 790

This is an updated version of my previous Palana Al Dente list from earlier this year.

Ironically, it's basically almost a repeat of a list I brought to the Chicago regionals last fall where Surfer Laamb was all the rage last year!

This is a fairly resilient spiky rushy glacier deck. There's plenty of money, Palana drip will get you going, and best of all, your tech card, Navi Mumbai City Grid is fairly strong against shaper in general.

If they're running that server, they can't use SMC, Clone Chip, Feedback Filter, or Surfer at all!

Be mindful to make sure you stack at least two non-barriers on your scoring remote so you can guarantee the Laamb can't just paint your ice into victory. Additionally, the spikiness means they'll likely dump a lot of into Feedback Filter if you don't have a Navi installed.

Other new tech included is Border Control to help further prevent Khusyuk runs on you. Don't forget that Bio Vault counts for any server, it just has to be installed in a remote! With all these tools, you should be fairly resilient to score and go.

And like the previous write-up included, don't forget the power of Thimblerigging your beefier ice (aka Anansi) onto centrals after scoring to protect yourself and then Thimblerig the Anansis right back when you're ready to jam and score!

There's plenty of rusing, plenty of slicing and best of all: