Fast Archer-lock Foundry with triple Loot Box!!

demoy 396

Loot Box is a beautiful card, so is Archer. Foundry overcomes the problem of being unable to sacrifice multiple agendas by throwing out the extra Archers to The Twins. The Twins covers Archers weakness to Engolo and Laamb. Runners can't jackout before you use The Twins but they can let Archer's ETR fire so be a good sport and tell them that.

With so many one pointers for Archer we need 3 Global Food Initiative to reduce flooding. Also we need alot burst econ since our ID and agenda don't give us economy. Successful Demonstration and Loot Box fills this niche, and Loot Box is great with our ID.

The rest of our ICE have hard etr so we can score an agenda by turn 2 consistently. Except Macrophage which deals with the issue noted below.

The last note about this deck is by having 11 agenda and a rushing game plan, I avoided including Assets and Upgrades as much as possible (more trashes equal more accesses since our ICE is gearcheck). Aumakua and Yusuf can get out of hand with our ICE suite so I included 2 Macrophage to stop that. It might even stop a Pelangi if the stars align.

Everything else should be straightforward: Restore is mainly to get Rashida or agendas back. You can score a 3/1 with only Archer in front of it on turn 2 against alot of runners (Wu for example). And have fun running!!

26 Aug 2019 moistloaf

I see no way to Rez an archer turn 2 here....

26 Aug 2019 demoy

If your just playing casually its easy to rez Archer turn 2: Archer goes on remote (unless you smell Apoc) so with that in mind about 20% of my match my first score is before Archer on turn 2. So Archer is online turn 2. The remote is empty so the runner won't run, Likewise if It for some strange reason you want to put Archer on a central (the decklist of the week is Apoc for example) You will consistently have it rezzable by turn 2 (Lateral Growth, Red Level Clearance, Vanilla, IQ, Hyperloop Extension so many cards make this possible).. But this is all assuming you want to rez Archer on turn 2 which is easy but.... we want to score behind Archer so we have no reason to even aim to rez Archer turn 2 because turn 2 if we just scored the remote would be empty. @moistloaf

26 Aug 2019 mrteatime66

This deck is a work of art 😢

27 Aug 2019 moistloaf

Am I being trolled? You have to forfeit an agenda to Rez archer... sure you can technically score behind archer if the runner doesn’t run but.... that can’t be what you’re talking about

27 Aug 2019 demoy

I am sorry I am autistic so I don't understand what is your question is. I am unfamiliar with trolling, I don't use the internet nor phones much to talk to people, bear with me I have communication difficulties. Rezzing Archer on turn 2 is not in the deck description: when you brought it up I told you how to do it, and I also told you there is no reason (outside of Apoc) to do it. Forgive me if I brought any negative feelings to your mind, and have a pleasant night :). @moistloaf

Note: I count each player's turn one is their turn one and each player's turn 2 as their turn 2. If you counted the runners first turn as turn 2 then its impossible to rez Archer turn 2.

27 Aug 2019 demoy

Thanks @mrteatime66