Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect

DArtagnanMF 1

This deck is a rather interesting one to me. At first, I didn't quite know what to do with Tennin. It seems designed to force the runner to make runs to stop its ability from triggering. This led me to two ideas, punish the runner for running aggressively (using its ability to irritate the runner for not attempting to win) or stonewall the runner with different types of "End the Run" effects, thereby triggering the base ability as often as possible.

The hope behind this deck is to use the knowledge runners have of Jinteki's tricks against them. With very little Ambush effects, "the fear" itself is the deterrent to running. Most Jinktei builds (at least in our local meta) have been filled to the brim with tons of nasty ways to ruin the runner's day. By using this fear we get to play an interesting game against the runner.

I think with the build presented here, we have the makings of a fun one time tourney deck. Once the trick is revealed that there is very little punishment for running, the deck will most likely fall apart.