The Chaos Dragon

Captain 48

This is an updated deck list from my previous deck. After having played this deck I can say that once set up this deck is a beast. Set up should be one Alpha Omega Magnum Opus and Wyrm with a way to recur your parasites. The full suite of hardware (three cyberfeeder and spinal modem) really allow you to run every turn and you can use cyberfeeder credits to install parasites as well. Don't forget that in a pinch Wyrm can break ice subroutines but at a pretty high price but I can attest that it has saved my butt a few times running three deep servers. The only card I'm on the fence on is RD interface as I have a hard time paying the install costs and I'm toying with the idea of throwing in False Echo hahaha as in play testing I've noted many instances where it's ability would have helped.