WIP Haas-Bioroid Glacier

Chremmer 2

I know this isn't legal especially seeing that Engineering the Future is the Identity. But my friend and I are starting casual against each other and I wanted to try my hand at making a deck. This is my first deck and I went with more of a glacier strategy. If you can leave some feedback that would be great.

30 Aug 2019 CritHitd20

Looks like a good start! I'd take a look at the World Champion 2015 deck for more inspiration if you need it. My main suggestions are to raise your ice count to 17 (I like Ichi 1.0 a lot in this style of deck), and to dedicate some more slots to cards with reliable effects. 02 Shortage is a card that you cannot control the outcome of, so Biotic Labor is much stronger at helping you score agendas in particular, or maybe Archived Memories to help you get back your upgrades if they get trashed.