Gagarin without some of the best cards 1st Lanark (3-1)

just_rob 782

This is the tweaked Gagarin deck I took to Lanark Regionals, I cut 1 Econ Warfare and 1 Hard-Hitting News. I replaced these cards with 1 Consulting Visit and 1 MCA Informant.

These cuts are objectively worse than the standard deck. But I expected there to be large contingent of Hayley (There wasn't) and thought I might be able to sneak out a cheesy win with MCA into Judge (I didn't).

Thankfully Gagarin is still, by an enormous distance, the best corp deck right now for a multitude of reasons and so making the deck slightly worse still meant it went 4-1 on the day against Wu, Jesminder, Wu (Loss) and Hayley. As many have voiced, lets hope that something can happen to change this in the future MWL.

Ideally, the meta would want a few decks that were all equal in power and did slightly different things. Personally, whilst I am comfortable with there being a "best deck" this is only on the condition that the games played with the deck are fun and interesting and that the player gets to make choices on what they can do.

Gagarin is not like this, I would suggest that after 4-5 turns have passed you could walk up to any game involving Gagarin and call the winner unless one of the players makes a big error. Not because one of the players did something really exciting or interesting in order to win, but because they were the safer player and managed to "not lose" for the longest.

Thanks to Brett and Co at Knightly Games for hosting the event and all my opponents for the matches, always a pleasure to see everyone there!