"Images" of another Wu 1st Lanark Regional (5-0)

just_rob 782

I made some very minor tweaks to the previous Wu list I published, I anticipated there to be a good chunk of Gagarin (There was) and also some of the new NEH that has been seeing play (There was none).

From the previous list I removed the cards that I had played the least to see what I could replace them with: Cy Cy, Ika Feedback Filter and Akamatsu. This opened up some slots to play with. I considered Marathon (For Checking multiple NEH/Gagarin remotes in a turn), a second Laamb, Second Freedom Through Equality.

In the end, I decided to drop an Akamatsu for the third astrolabe, Happy with this as I saw it early in most matches which is great. Prioritise Leprechaun after Rezeki and Astro is often all you need in a match anyway.

I included the second Freedom to help close out by scoring a 2 point and 3 point Agenda only and seeing it Early.

Lamb instead of Ika was also a good choice - It meant if needed I could burn one Laamb with Wu's ability to challenge remotes and helps get around a corp trying to use up Laambs Ability.

Cy Cy stayed in - I could see another include but I did not instal the card all day.

Feedback Filter remained because Stealing Obokata is annoying as Wu and I always remain scared that a Glasgow player will kill me. It was needed on the day as stealing Obokata left me with no cards in hand or deck but still let me run into Saraswati through Kakugo.

Thanks to all the players at the event for the matches and to Brett and everyone at Knightly Gaming for hosting. The Last minute change of venue to Images Nightclub was quite different but did allow for the real highlight of the day which was getting to see Ronan's glee at being in his natural habitat for a whole day.