Smashing Eddie (1st @ Dublin Regionals)

DoubleK 207

This is a destruction deck built around smashing everything with Apocalypse, Run Amok, En Passant and Eddie Kim.

Draw cards and make money with Gamble / Fair / Liberated / Casts / Earthrise / Inject engine, while keeping en eye on what the corp is up to. If they don't protect centrals properly, Apocalypse them with help from DDoS and Run Amok, which usually give a free run on centrals where Eddie can smash things before the Apocalypse comes. Horizontal decks are further punished by 3x Hacktivist Meeting to smash things from hand.

This Eddie often uses his face as an icebreaker when Running Amok, so before starting to do that, it's good to keep an I've Had Worse in hand to stop you from dying and have some money in the pocket to shake off tags. If the corp doesn't rez ice when Running Amok, smash a card from that server and then En Passant the ice. DDoS and En Passant also work nicely together, giving Eddie access to smash things from servers and then smashing the ice away as well.

The bin breakers are there mainly as a backup and often don't get used at all, and even when they do, it's usually just once to allow smashing everything with Apocalypse, so their inefficiency (except for Paperclip) doesn't matter too much.

Climactic Showdown was a last minute include to test it, and it felt quite good, either complementing the smashing game plan by clearing ice from a server, or giving multiaccess for more guaranteed server smashing or closing out the game. I also like how the multiaccess it gives can be followed by a surprise Rebirth into Omar to deep dig a central server. The same card slot was previously a Reclaim to recur DDoS, hence the 2 unused influence.

Glacier decks can be tricky to deal with, especially if they have early access to Jinja City Grid and a lot of ice. If a glacier deck gets set up, often the best option is to Rebirth into Omar to make Apocalypse easier. Alternatively you can focus on stripping ice from R&D with Run Amok and En Passant and try to win the game from R&D. Eddie's ability acts as a pseudo-multiaccess, allowing smashing through operations to find the agendas.

This deck helped me to first place at Dublin Regionals, going undefeated in four games. Apocalypse fired only three times during the day and not at all in a couple of games, showing that the deck doesn't completely rely on it. I think this deck works quite well in the current meta where the corps play relatively little central ice, but would probably struggle in a more glaciery meta.

2 Sep 2019 Cliquil

So it turns out our runner decks are also similar! Run Amok & Apocalypse Friends say hi! :D

2 Sep 2019 DoubleK

Ha, that's interesting, we must have similar Psychographics. Run Amok is such a cool card, it's like Inside Job gone berserk! :)