Gangster Takeover (1st @ Dublin Regionals)

DoubleK 246

This is a balls to the wall rush deck that likes to go fast and make big risky moves, which puts the runner in front of tough choices early before they are set up. It uses a mix of gearcheck ice and big Mushin plays to score fast, backed up by a kill threat with Punitive Counterstrike and Project Junebug. It creates really fast, fun and intense games!

Phase one of the game plan is to score a Hostile Takeover as soon as possible. If you don't get it in starting hand, find it with Fast Track and throw a piece of gearcheck ice on HQ to score it on turn 2. Consulting Visit helps in fast tracking it early.

Phase two is to start Mushining out things to really put the pressure on. One of my favourite plays is to Fast Track a Government Takeover to hand and then Mushin out either that or a Junebug, sometimes slapping a gearcheck ice in front of it. Usually at this point the runner will start worrying about Punitive Counterstrike. If the runner doesn't go get it, advancing it to six really turns up the heat, especially when it happens on turns 3-5. Mushin into City Works Project is also a nice way to put the pressure on threaten a Punitive kill. Sometimes you can also just win by rushing behind gearcheck ice or get a kill with install-advance-advance Junebug bluff behind a gearcheck. People don't seem to expect that out of The Outfit.

The ice is cheap and not taxing at all, so bad publicity doesn't really matter. The ice has been selected to just keep the runner out for a few turns with different ice types and present a couple of extra challenges to slow them down :

Wraparound = Go find a fracter or some shenanigans

Guard = End the run sentry, no Inside Jobs, Logic Bombs or Security Nexus please

Enigma = Lose time if you just face check

Mother Goddess = Go find an AI or some other shenanigans

This deck really doesn't like Film Critic, so 2x Under the Bus with 3x Consulting Visit is a must. It also makes me like to see the runner play Kati Jones, because it usually just slows them down and often ends up under the bus at some point.

The 3x Beanstalk Royalties is probably the most flexible slot and I've used False Flag and High-Profile Target in those slots instead sometimes, which has also worked quite well.

This deck helped me to first place in Dublin Regionals with 3 wins and a timed loss. The games were really fun and intense, with some epic moments involving Government Takeover and Mushin. If you like decks that play fast and give an adrenaline rush, it's worth giving this a spin.

2 Sep 2019 Cliquil

Love it. Go go fast, go go mysteries - that'll teach runners to durdle Congratulations on the in from a proud member of the "Mushin in Weyland" society

2 Sep 2019 DoubleK

Thanks @Cliquil! The society knows that Mushin only looks red because it's a Weyland card covered in blood :P