Azhop (5-1 SOCRX)

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internet 673

This deck went undefeated in SOCRX Swiss, and lost in a nailbiter in the first round of the cut. The deck plays very much like 2013-era Shaper: install cards (using the Az discount to eke out a little tempo), use Inside Job to keep the corp honest, and set up an inevitable late game with Interfaces + piles of credits. 3x Cyberfeeder + Bukhgalter let you run lightly-iced servers cheaply/for profit, and Paragon + John Mas + Class Act provides unparalleled efficiency for successful runs: gain a credit, scry 1, and select 1, all for a click!

7 Sep 2019 Saan

I love it, and not just because it resembles a lot of the Az decks I was toying around with when the ID dropped. For more draw power, a fun thing to do is play all 3 copies of The Class Act. Az installs it for 3, and then you just use it lie normal until the next one shows up. Pawn it for the 3 you installed it for, then use that 3 to play the next one for another glut of cards at the end of your turn. Fun times!

Anyhow, glad to see some Az out there, even in a restricted format =)