Vacation Val - 1st Place at Pandemonium Regional

tf34 1031

This is a pretty straightforward Reg Val list that went 5-1 on the day. A few notes:

No One Home - Card is really good in current environment giving you a ton of flexibility against HHN and Psychic Field.

John Masanori - I concede that there are safer choices for this slot (Earthrise Hotel seems pretty obvious). It hinders your ability to late game TTW farm. You will occasionally take a tag (though NOH can prevent it). But it's always been one of my favorite cards, and it is extremely good in this asset heavy meta. On the day, I installed it three times, took 1 tag, and drew ~20 cards. Seems good to me.

If you are concerned with glacier, play an Ice Carver, but I elected to tweak as much towards assets as I felt I could.

My corp was this card for card and it went 5-2. Didn't test it much before bringing it. I am curious about why the creators included preemptives. That card felt useless.