Dude, Where's My Caprice? (SOCR X 16th)

Armored Ascetic 158

2-3 swiss (beat Kit and Lat, lost to 3x Lat) 0-2 cut (lost to Longi's Leela twice)

I've always been in love with the semi-horizontal playstyle of old RP, and decided to try and bring it back for SOCR, since ELP RP in a low powered card pool seemed very effective. Sadly, without some of the most powerful cards from that deck (Caprice, Jackson), this deck suffers a lot against both Shaper (even with a Nisei token, a Tollbooth/Susanoo server isn't that good) and Leela. Alongside this, Pup was completely negated by Bukhghalter being the killer of choice in basically every deck I saw.

That said, I had a ton of fun, and can't think of a deck I'd rather lose repeatedly to Lat with.

8 Sep 2019 Longi

As the Leela player I must say that the deck was really good at maintaining tempo pressure and I won only by tiny margin. GG WP once more.