met4 45

Its been quite some time that I play PE. I've tried different things over the last 2 years but I always seem to come back to this ID, for better or worse. I like the playstyle and that's that, so sue me ;-). It has been changing with the meta and this is the latest version.

Since downfall I used to name my deck


You figure it out yourself ;-)

How to play it:
Mostly its IAA, if its a trap, an ngo or an agenda. Don't hesitate to mushin a sting, and let it get stolen, or just leave it there for the right moment. Build a small remote with Data loop and or Kakugo. If they steal an agenda there, install a trap or vice versa. Most of all: be flexible. If the runner is aggressive, install traps, if they setup first, rush out preferably a House of Knives or two.

Some card choices:
Back Channels is to recycled traps that are recognized as that
Cerebral Overwriter really helps to keep the runner down if he hits one early in the game
Shattered Remains and Under the Bus are reserved for PE's most feared enemies: Feedbackfilter and Film Critic

9 Sep 2019 Lukenukem

I really like the Emp include!