Beale or no Beale - system core 2019

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Baa Ram Wu 4

Step 1: Create a somewhat taxing remote using a selection of Data Ravens, Tsurugi, Tollbooth.

Step 2: Jam an unadvanced card in the server and challenge the runner to come check it - Is it a Beale? Is it a Snare? Is it just an annoying Red Herring or an advert for the latest Bioroid? Maybe it’s a 4/2 that you score out with biotic labour! (Biotic labour also makes a great finisher if you can get to 5 points with out using it)

Every now and then you can chuck a double advanced card in the remote which is probably an agenda (or maybe it will give you two tags!)

If you get a chance close their accounts to slow them down and if they decide to live with the tags then psychographic a Beale for the win!