Mommy's not dead yet! (3-1 at Utrecht Regional)

Cpt_nice 808

Despite Nisei's war on Earth's best mom, Sunny is still alive and well. This is my latest build, which nearly went undefeated at our regional today. It beat The Outfit, Aginfusion and Chronos Protocol, as well as Blue Sun in a friendly post-tournament game. It lost to RP because I am a doofus who forgot my opponent is known for his love of Mwanza. After which I hit 2 snares in HQ.

I have never been a huge fan of Power Tap but it did some decent work in these matches. I wouldn't hate going back to Film Critic though, since SDS and Obokata are everywhere.

The core of the deck remains the same. Sunny's breakers are only good for edge cases so avoid installing them unless absolutely necessary. Striker especially is never missed. With Nexus and Sec Chip + Aumakua you get in anywhere for cheap. Purging is a trap since you are great at farming counters, especially with Jak. Deuces and Falsified help even further.

Added Black Hat to close out games, great in combination with TTW. The Pad Taps were nice for cheap drip econ, and with Palana being so omnipresent, I can definitely see myself keeping these. Interdiction is a lot better than Another Day imo, since it forces the corp to rez upgrades and NGO's early, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere. And you wouldn't believe how often it catches players off guard. The 1 credit cost is neglicible.

Had a lot of fun today and looking forward to playing this deck even more in the upcoming events!

15 Sep 2019 Lyon


16 Sep 2019 mrteatime66

Just saw your game on Trace5 vs Kelfecil, great demo of this deck. Thanks for sharing the list and congrats on your wins :)

16 Sep 2019 Cpt_nice

@Lyon Mwanza for Worlds Winner, you heard it here first.

@mrteatime66 We had to play so fast, hahaha. But it was fun. Happy you enjoyed it and thank you. See you at Worlds!

17 Sep 2019 mrteatime66

@Cpt_nice How do you feel about Kati instead of Data Folding? Too slow and click intensive?

17 Sep 2019 Cpt_nice

@mrteatime66 I am not a huge fan of Kati. You need several copies to find it soon and believe it or not, I struggle for slots despite the 50 cards. The math is also not as strong as you might think and I don't like having my turns railroaded. If you are a runner without steady income and little incentive to run, it is nice. But Sunny has access to great clickless drip econ.

18 Sep 2019 mrteatime66

Awesome, thanks @Cpt_nice :) Took this deck for a test game last night and almost won vs Argus despite many misplays. I'm gonna keep practicing this list for CoL in two week. Will let you know how I get on!