Protection Still Guaranteed* (1st, Sydney Regional, 15/9/19)

RJorb 194

This deck went undefeated over the course of this 14-person Regional (which used MWL 3.4 and the Uprising booster pack).

Not a lot to say about this deck, really. It's a tried and tested Argus build, which (with minor variations) has had decent success in the 2019 Regionals season and was unaffected by MWL 3.4. The Fast Track is definitely sitting in a flex slot and I didn't end up using it all day, although I still kind of like it given the importance of scoring an early Atlas. There's also a decent argument for running Armed Intimidation instead of Oaktown (shoutout to @firetesting).

When in doubt, jam an agenda.

SWISS: Beat Compilation Hayley, beat Geist, beat Wu, and ID'd the fourth round.

CUT: Beat 419, beat 419.