Megaprix Sports

CritHitd20 2597

Behold, there are now at least three (3!) really good HB decks ins Standard! You can go with the degenerate but fragile Combo Sports, the wholesome clean fun of Unban CI, and now Megaprix lets you play old-school "jam the agenda" HB and actually win games. Nothing crazy here, install literally everything in the remote as soon as you can in the correct order and minimally protect your centrals. If you sequence your ice and agenda installs properly the runner can end up too poor to contest, or you can just get free points if they are tired of checking. This shell-game-like component of the deck is something that hasn't been prominent in high-tier Netrunner play for a while so it feels very refreshing. The Sportsmetal ability helps break locks through Stargate and has some cool synergies against Khusyuk, otherwise it usually is an ID that makes 10-12 credits in a game which is awesome. I tried using some of the tools found in Real Fake Points like Stock-Buy Back, but Turntable is too prominent and you will be punished.

Thanks for reading! If you have been enjoying Darkside Maxx, may I suggest: -3 PAD Tap, -1 Stimhack, -1 Dirty Laundry +3 Inject, +1 Apocalypse, +1 Amped Up