This is Fine (1st Edinburgh Regional)

Angedelo 1343

Having already secured a nationals bye I was very chilled about this event, which probably goes a long towards explaining this absolute pile of garbage deck I ended up taking. Warning, seriously dubious last minute card decisions ahead.

I really wanted to try out cybertrooper and chameleon so I pulled out a load of good cards from my previous deck and added in a load of junk and at 47 cards I cut an astrolabe at the last minute at (IG playing) Tom's suggestion.

Suggested Changes: -46 cards, +45 correct cards

Sahasrara is a cool card, I really like it. That being said, its only use all day was to provide comedy moments for the folks watching me fight against my own deck in the cut. Several other cards (takobi, chameleon) didn't get used all day except to be installed and spec worked away (#value). Also fml is Gauss bad once you have to use it on a turn you didn't install it - 5c for IP Block?! No thanks, out you go.

I won't do a round by round summary, suffice it to say I was fortunate in the one bad matchup (NEH), and fortunate to get only good matchups (Blue Sun, HHN Azmari) other than that - and Argus carried me as it has so many times.

It was a fun day and the finals with Leopold were really excellent, he was a cool dude. Thanks Seamus for running a great event, Alice for being the best, and the rest of the gang for being weird and lovely in equal measure. Awoo.

18 Sep 2019 shanodin

I hope you know I can't fave this list cos it will just distract me with ridiculousness every time I see it.

18 Sep 2019 shanodin

Well done though. You've worked bloody hard for this and you earned it. 2x store champ 2nd place and a regional 2nd place. Solid season, you Hayley wizard.

18 Sep 2019 .wil

Quick question, what exactly is the Sahasrara for?

18 Sep 2019 just_rob

I thoroughly enjoyed the moment in the final when you drew with Proco and everyone behind you couldn't stiffle their giggles, allowing Leopold to ask - "Just draw sahasrara?"

Congrats on the win, very well deserved!

18 Sep 2019 Terje

100% should have chosen to corp shouldn't I. GDI MATTY, screwed me again :P

18 Sep 2019 Angedelo

@.wilin theory it's to allow you to install chameleon every turn for 'free' whilst also giving you discounts on cache installs etc. The reality however...

18 Sep 2019 Havvy

Great job!

18 Sep 2019 Cliquil

Could you comment on how you'd turn this list into an Exile list?

18 Sep 2019 Angedelo

@Cliquil I seriously considered it, sahasraras to install mkultra at strength 3 AND draw a card, then sell it for 3c?? MMMMMM

20 Sep 2019 DonLoverGate


Solid tech choices tho. The use of NOH & PolOp over Hunting Grounds and TW seems to have turned out correct - was the latter a reaction to the new Gridery shenanigans out of SSO, or simply personal preference?

20 Sep 2019 Angedelo

yeah it was cayambe tech basically, but i've always loved polop it's just really useful - HQ is usually lightly protected vs shaper compared with R&D/remote so you can get it down nice and easy, Even if it's just used to kill a rashida you didn't want to have to run it's excellent

21 Sep 2019 DonLoverGate

Makes perfect sense, imma have to start experimenting with that - though Jes is more prone see a fortified HQ thanks to her love for Penguins...

23 Sep 2019 ptc

I've noticed a lot of recent Shaper decks are slotting Ika over Na'Not'K which seems objectively worse to me. What am I missing? The 0c install is definitely nice compared to 4c, but I feel like over the course of the game, the Na'Not'K surely works out more cost effective. Or is it intended purely as a backup for Trooper Chameleon?

25 Sep 2019 Angedelo

When you need to break tour guide it's literally half the cost, is the most basic answer. It's also better at surveyor as nano just doesn't scale the way you want it to. It's less than ideal when facing a ton of sentries I'll admit, but I'm not seeing that around right now. Plus it's another 0 cost program to Hayley out for tech trader.