Lizard Juggler

mcbeast 1012


Do you like lizards? Do you enjoy juggling? Do you like to play bad HOT decks? Wanna test some newly released cards? Then this deck is for you!

CrazyAbsoluteGiraffe-small.gif This could be you!!


This hot! giphy.gif


  1. Install Sahasrara's
  2. Install Technical Writers
  3. Install Cybertrooper Talut
  4. Install Takobi
  5. Start installing Chameleons
  6. Get in everywhere
  7. Realize the game was over 5 turns ago
  8. Try the next game as you may win this time!

meftV0q.gif This is what you will look like when you're set up!

giphy.gif You with your Technical Writers!!


Legwork should be two Stimhack's, but playing with 46 cards is bad.

tumblr_nw2m87YDIU1s02vreo1_500.gif AW YEAH!!! LIZARDS!

20 Sep 2019 hnautsch

My gecko played this deck, now it's a Komodo dragon.

20 Sep 2019 kollapse

I had a Charmander when I began playing. Five turns it, it evolved straight to Charizard and hasn't looked back since. 5/5, would evolve again.

20 Sep 2019 presheaf

No chance of a SUPER HOT FLAME-OUT here? It's a Stimhack you can sell to Aesops!

20 Sep 2019 mcbeast

@presheaf So HOT! If you find a slot that is.

20 Sep 2019 presheaf

I can't believe 3x Cybertrooper is necessary, so that's probably the hottest slot. Also very sad to see that the deck isn't named Lizard Wizard.

20 Sep 2019 mcbeast

@presheafOh crap, that's actually very good! Well, the next updated version, from whoever makes that one, can take that name.

20 Sep 2019 jollyblondgiant

@mcbeast``@presheaf what about -2 Astrolabe -1 Akamatsu -1 Legwork +2 Stimhack +2 supercorridor? That way you don't miss out on the mu, and still have room for stimhack?

20 Sep 2019 mcbeast

@jollyblondgiantUnfortunately Supercorridor is quite expensive and doesn't have a good ability that makes the deck better. Astrolabe can also be shop'd if (if you have the second one in hand and another hardware) and you still go plus. But by all means, feel free to try it out yourself! :)

21 Sep 2019 Shieldwall

Is London Library still a thing? Cause it could save you some money on reinstalls

21 Sep 2019 mcbeast

@Shieldwall That's what the Sahasrara's are for. And you can use them to install everything else you might need also (programs that is).