SSO Surprises (4th New Zealand South Island Regionals)

MagicHead 27

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The deck served me well enough, and was an absolute blast to play. DRM and Cayambe are fun cards, and throwing ~25 advancements onto City Works is fun times.

Scored out twice, and killed the rest of the runnners I faced.

This deck carried me into the Top 4, never dropping a game. Shame the same can't be said for my poor bioroid Adam.

Massive thanks to the Christchurch crew for coming down to out hood, and making a hell of a fun day.

22 Sep 2019 moistloaf

wow I love this. DRM really looks sweet for SSO.

22 Sep 2019 MagicHead

@moistloaf Yeah, it's a super neat addition. I was originally on Government Takeover, but dropped it once I played around with Digital Rights Management. Under the Bus was added to deal with Film Critic, didn't face any on the day but it's good against Professional Contacts or any other key conncections.

18 Oct 2019 Thornstromb

Late question: what are the purposes of Data Loop and Slot Machine (the only non-advanceable ice in the deck, and also costing you 3 influence)

14 Nov 2019 MagicHead

Just seen this now, sorry for the late one. So the Data loop makes it a little harder to steal the City Works Project through the on encounter ability (Ala Data Loop into Obokata Protocol), and the Slot Machine, just because I like it as a card. Film Critic makes it cry, so it might not be a silly idea to drop those cards in favour of something to help deal with that, maybe an Ash 2X3ZB9CY?