Zero Down Financing

branimated 455

Gabe is the best. Sometimes I think about all of the Corps in the meta that make his life hard, and wonder if he might actually be a bad choice, but then I remember that he is the best, and all is well.

So, this is the Gabe deck I've been playing and tweaking lately. The premise is to install 0-cost cards with Grant, and economize centrals, hence the name. In many ways, this is just a sensible collection of Criminal tools and money, with a stubborn emphasis on running. You'll be making a lot of Archives runs for Sec Testing/Sucker/Paragon/John, and/or HQ for the same (plus Gabe bucks).

Find the Truth is an unorthodox inclusion, but I really like the peeks in conjunction with your run-based econ package and Inside Job. It does mean you give away when you've got Diversion of Funds/Embezzle, which is a minor bummer, but the information is quite valuable, as Adam players can attest.

This version has a little bit of tech in Hunting Grounds (IP Block, etc) and No One Home, both of which are worth their weight in gold in common matchups. If you don't need them, you can filter them away between Paragon and Class Act without much difficulty.

If your meta is hostile to John Masanori, then by all means swap him out for Earthrise or something similar, the deck will work more or less the same. Maybe a touch slower. Have fun!