Bouncy Glacier

wookiez 111

Top Tier, this deck is amazing.

Interaction between Cayambe Grid & Formicary are the core of the deck. The trick works like this:

  1. Install ice, Cayambe Grid, and a public agenda in remote.

  2. SSO Id puts advancements on any ice, even non advanceable ones.

  3. Install Formicary anywhere else. Optimally, use SSO Id to put advancements on it.

  4. Runner breaks all the ICE, and approaches the server. They pay for Cayambe.

  5. Before the runner successfully completes run, rez Formicary. Runner moves back

  6. Runner pays for Cayambe again.

  7. Laugh Maniacally as you eat all the runner's credits.

Other interesting card choices:

Batty: Good on Tithanium or a triple advanced Hortum

Archived Memories: Almost always for Mass Comercialization & Money. Sometimes for Cayambe.

Jinja Grid: Put it on R&D. Optimally use it to install Formicary clicklessly. That Formicary should only ever be rez'd during a run on scoring remote. Plus, it helps with Surveyor..

SSO & Space Ice: Makes the deck run reasonably cheaply. Leave an advanced but unscored 5/3 agenda in a remote if you think it's safe, just to get more advancements on Every. Single. ICE.