Unstable Nations Contract

LordDavenport 4

Deck I built to get back into netrunner. Been slowly iterating as I find new things in the card set.

The main goal is to build a think advanced ice wall around the 3 centrals and 1 remote, while taxing the runner if they try to interrupt your building. Given the 5 agendas in 44 cards, when the runner gets through it isn't a big deal. Further drudge work can save you from floods, and the ambushes punish people for peeking. Also the agendas are all 3s or the one 6, so runners need to either score 2 or 3 of 5 agendas to win. Issue is runners with ways to get single agenda points... but such is life.

Gov Takeover is scorable, it just relies on either a massive reconstruction contract or a red planet couriers.