Dumpling Delivery Val VIP

ClosDeLaRoche 218

Any netrunners also dubsteppers? Those familiar with Reggae, Dub, or Dubstep music will recognize "VIP" as "Variation In Production." While it is an imperfect analogy, "VIP" sounds cooler than "Remix"

Here is my variation of Dumping Delivery Val. A few notable changes:

1) Swap Aumakua for D4v1d. The conspiracy breaks only suck with high-strength ice. D4 breaks this ice without the "being an AI" downside of Aumakua.

2) Swap Rum Amok with a single Divide an Conquer. Hit centrals hard to work your TTW up. Slam your opponent with a Swift Wanton turn. Play DaC, use TTW and get amazing access all in one turn. Bonus if you have Rebirthed as Alice.

4) Swap Maemi with another Earthise and Liberated. Maemi is good here but I think best in Crim. It's hard to argue against extra copies of these two staples.