Oh s**t! (5-2 at Worlds)

mao 682

This is the deck that I brought at Worlds. A very solid Azmari with 3 win conditions.

The first one is obviously to rush out. You have economy, good ice and also a new shiny tutor like Digital Rights Management.

The second win condition is Punitive Counterstrike. Also for that (and for HHN), you have a tutor: Consulting Visit.

The third win condition is Hard-Hitting News and BOOM! Be careful not to waste the HHN because this deck has no recursion. It doesn't need it.

Prisec is a wonderful card. It can open scoring windows, unbalance the runner math concerning tags or cards.

The combo Excalibur plus Border Control is the cherry on the cake.

Probably after Worlds I will swap the Punitives with Economic Warfare. I'm not sure yet, but I have the feeling that against expert players the Punitives never fire off.

9 Oct 2019 Quercia

Hey, I'm one of those who said "Oh, s**t" at the side event. As an Azmari enthusiast I'll totally give it a try.

But next time don't fall for malandragem. XD

10 Oct 2019 mao

Ahah @Quercia the theater was amazing! I was totally convinced to have won that game!

As for Liza, unfortunately, she begins the game with a death sentence on her head against this deck! XD