Yet another Hayley deck (12th at Worlds 2019)

Magnetar 83

Fairly standard Hayley deck, not much to say. Mostly publishing for completion's sake.

I started out on TugtetguT's Compilation Hayley, but then Engolo got restricted. So I switched out the Engolo, the Na'Not'K and the Takobi for a Brahman, a Cyber-Cypher and an Ika. Below are my thoughts on the changes I made, if you have any other questions feel free to ask them in the comments and I will try and answer them.

On the changes I made: I didn't like the Na'Not'K+Takobi combination for dealing with annoying sentries, and Na'Not'K on its own is very inefficient against some ice configurations (like an Architect being the only ice on a server). Against big servers with multiple sentries I found that Ika+D4v1d+Brahman generally does the job as well. The disadvantage of Ika is that the corp can destroy it by overwriting their ice, but generally I have not found that to be an issue considering the deck has backup breakers and Clone Chips. Cyber-Cypher is just an incredibly efficient breaker that usually goes on either R&D or the remote. If needed you can use Brahman to reset it. Brahman allows you to reset Lady and D4v1d as well which can be nice in long games, or when playing versus glacier in the case of D4v1d.

The deck went 4-3 in swiss, and 0-2 in the cut though I think I got a little unlucky in the cut. I beat: 1 RP, 2 Argus and 1 Titan, and lost to: 2 IG, 1 Palana, 1 Asa and 1 PE. As you can see my corp (AgInfusion) did most of the heavy lifting :).

Finally, I want to thank all the nice people I met (either again or for the first time) over the weekend, making it another great Netrunner experience, and Nisei for organizing a very well run event!

10 Oct 2019 RvdH83

Did you use the Feedback Filter?

10 Oct 2019 Magnetar

Yes, once to prevent 2 brain against PE. Then I lost anyway :(. It would have been good versus IG as well if I had drawn it in either game.