Combat Mosh (7-0 at Worlds 19)

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Turbo Time

Hello hello! This friendly little family business deck went undefeated during Day 1 at Worlds 2019. Unfortunately I only managed to win a single Runner game, so no Day 2 for me. Lots of people still asked for the list, so here we go.

I have played different versions of this deck in several tournaments before, always with pretty good success. It got better when SDS Drone Deployment and Afshar came out, but with the brand new Digital Rights Management it reached peak performance. It is easy and straightforward to play and never goes to time, which makes it a great tournament choice to begin with.

For a long time I have felt that Runners are too rich to reliably kill them with Hard-Hitting News + High-Profile Target. You needed just too many tech cards like Economic Warfare or Reversed Accounts to land the punishment. Just throw all that garbage away and replace it with rush and rigshooting tools.

The Outfit is much better for this archetype than Argus, since nobody can come back from low money like The Outfit. Feel free to pump loads of cash into Trojan Horse if you can lock them out for a few turns. Rashida Jaheem, Too Big to Fail and Hostile Takeover will bring you back quickly enough.

Shapers are the easiest matchup in my experience. This deck is just blazing fast and you often sit on 4-5 points with one or two Atlas tokens by the time they can contest. Scoring an SDS Drone Deployment helps throwing them back during setup, but against Shaper I'd rather see Hostile Takeover and Oaktown Renovation for the forward tempo to make sure I am faster than they are.

Criminals pressure much faster. Against them I often mulligan for tons of money and Guard to rush behind. If you get a Too Big to Fail and some other money card in your starting hand, you might not even ice HQ turn 1 if you can start rushing with Guard+Atlas/Oaktown instead. Later in the game their lack of recursion often makes sure you can safely score out after shooting the main breaker with Trojan Horse or Marcus Batty.

Anarchs are the trickiest. Against them, barriers become the most important ice, since Corroder cannot come back from the bin as easily as the other breakers. Have Ark Lockdown / Consulting Visit handy to get rid of bin breakers. Don't wait until all three copies are in the bin. Sometimes you have to take the gamble and lock down a single one to get a quick scoring window. Freedom Khumalo seems like the toughest matchup, but he often needs a bit of setup time. That is where a well-timed Digital Rights Management and/or a Marcus Batty firing on Trebuchet (to shoot the Knobkierie) can become necessary to save the day.

Most important tip: Don't worry about bad publicity! Sure, runs will be cheap. But the ice is not meant to be taxing anyway. It's all gear checks and Batty fodder.

EDIT: One more thing: Although it is tempting to throw CVS into the bin against Freedom and Aumakua users, don't! Rather install it somewhere and fire it when they are about to encounter Tithonium.

Shoutouts go to Lazychef13 for the refinement theorycrafting before Worlds, to RvdH, who suggested Mother Goddess over Excalibur, which was a fantastic call, and of course to all the people I met/fought at Worlds and the unbelievably amazing people in this community in general!

11/10; will rush again!

10 Oct 2019 Cpt_nice

I both love and despise this deck

10 Oct 2019 RvdH83

I'm glad the change worked out! Congrats on doing so well with the deck!

11 Oct 2019 JackMade

What is the triple Guard all about? that card sucks, doesn't it? :P

11 Oct 2019 CaKnuckleguy

@JackMadeInside Job early game is great to see when you install Guard, install Oaktown, advance Oaktown. Laugh. All. The. Way. To. The. Bank.

Also against SecNex.

7 Dec 2019 meta4

Why no Archer?