"Oh it's THAT list!" (4-3 at worlds)

wowarlok 63

"I wasn't expeting that" -almost every corp.

Heavily inspired by this list, I brought this deck to Worlds and it's by far the most fun I've had with a runner in a long while.

Playing this deck feels like you always have the correct card for every match up, especially when your stack is empty and tutors can get you whatever you need.

The best Rebirth targets are Quetzal, if the crop has no free server to run, and Freedom Khumalo, if you're free to to charge Yusuf.

One change I would make is: -1 Stimhack +1 Retrieval Run, just because getting Stargate or Yusuf out of the heap as soon as possible can change matches.

Wins against: Medtech, Palana, IG and Outfit.

Losses agains: Mirror Morph, NEH and Aginfusion.

I wanted to thank the whole Nisei group for organizing such an incredible event and not only keeping the alive but also facing forward.

Always be running!

12 Oct 2019 Cliquil

Hello! Glad to see there was more Apoc Maxx out there. Totally feel its the right kind of thing to be doing. Glad to see a sensible list being played. Love the Labor Rights as the recursion.

16 Oct 2019 twisty_b

unless everybody else had the same response, I think I was the person responsible for the title of this deck. those fateful words came shortly before wowarlok Rebirthed into Freedom and utterly wrecked my poor IG deck.

well played, fun games :)

21 Oct 2019 wowarlok

@twisty_b I felt like your words described the deck the best and I wanted to remember that super tense game against your IG.

Well played to you too :)

@CliquilThank you, getting praises by a fello Apoc Maxx player means a lot to me. I'm glad you liked the list!