Conspiracy work

CephalopodWizard 22

This deck is a fairly straightforward pile of money and card draw. The first priority is to get a Patchwork installed, so you can turn all your redundant cards (and breakers) into money. The 2 Emergent Creativity are to make sure you can draw it, despite playing a 50 card id. If you already have patchwork installed by the time you draw emergent creativity, use it to search for Datasucker, since Inject might otherwise throw it in the trash. Datasucker is very important in dealing with large ice when using the conspiracy breakers, and there's no way to recur it. Climactic Showdown is there to keep the corp's ice count down, or to get multi-access. Make sure you're wealthy enough to run if the corp chooses multi-access next turn! This deck is very resilient to corp disruption due to the self-recurring breakers, heavy redundancy, and not attempting to assemble an elaborate combo the way I usually do.

19 Oct 2019 pang4

Perhaps an obvious question when discussing a Valencia deck, but have you tested Rebirth? MaxX works great with your redundancy, Omar with the Showdowns, Kim as just quality of life, and even Freedom might make use of your Datasuckers if playing against Horizontal decks.

19 Oct 2019 CephalopodWizard

@pang4 I've considered Rebirth, but it would have to come at the cost of either a The Turning Wheel or a Career Fair. It probably is the correct choice, but that's a really uncomfortable cut. The main intention of this deck was to be an extreme patchwork deck, so I cutting an Emergent Creativity is an equally uncomfortable choice. I don't think 4 chances at patchwork is enough in a 50 card deck.