Nekrocious 19

The main point of this deck is to disagree with the Runner, They say "I Win" and you say "You Lose". You want the runner afraid to run R&D and HQ, get them tagged and taxed and keep them down as you try to score your agendas and even a possible net damage win. This deck is still in the works and I would love some advice especially if I missed something but first let me explain myself.

The agenda choices are pretty solid and the best choices IMO. I want Agendas that almost always fire off, doing something when stolen or accessed. Award Bait could be swapped out but it's the only 1 point to get me to my minimum Agenda points for my deck that fires off for touching it since TGTBT isn't standard(NISEI). I could switch Global Food Initiative for Degree Mill but I like them getting 1 less point than maybe shuffling in cards back into their decks that could benefit them later.

I have the minimum best Assets for this deck, News Team and Snare!. I had more in it but I wanted Assets and other cards that could mainly be encountered almost anywhere and do something even if they trashed it. Thus why I didn't put advanceable Assets even though they make great Remote Server bluffs. Intake was an option but I decide that spot was better reserved for Archangel because it was ICE, more powerful (not for free though) and wasn't limited on what it can hit.

One of the hardest sections to finalize for this deck besides ICE. Of course the Hedge Fund and IPO for straight Econ. Hard-Hitting News to slap and tax them with tags. Closed Accounts and The All-Seeing I to punish the tags. Preemptive Action and Special Report to get rid of Agendas in HQ or to shuffle cards my traps back into my R&D. I could possibly use some more punishing Operations.

This took this longest and I still don't know if I'm satisfied with it. I put in tagging ICE to put in front of R&D and HQ, Data Raven, Gutenberg, IP Block. It doesn't keep them out but it will at least tax and tag them so if they hit Quantum Predictive Model it will be mine. Then a couple of bigger meanies to put in a scoring remote, Hydra, Data Loop, and Tollbooth. The main choices I made for ICE was Archangel and Chrysalis. I wanted ICE that was worth the Runner accessing in R&D or HQ, at least in surprise so that maybe they didn't have them figured in their pre-run math. The influence for Chrysalis was cheap enough for me to add it.

Product Placement is there just for the money and to maybe tax them some to trash it. The real winner of the deck is Mwanza City Grid. This card works the best in Haarpsichord Studios: Entertainment Unleashed. They access 4 cards minimum, maybe score 1 Agenda and set off it's effect and just get to look at the rest of the Agendas they can't have but because of the way I built the deck they will probly' run into some ambushes and help me out. Thanks to CryptoGraham's Jack Attack! for enlightening me of Mwanza City Grid.