Red Sea Urchin

N0R5E 286

Based on The Barter System by @timmysaurusrex

23 Oct 2019 N0R5E

This deck aims to out-tempo the runner by slowing them down in ways they can't solve with money. House of Knives and Mamba can provide on-demand net damage during a run. Mamba may be easy to break, but the idea is to trigger the psi game a few times before they install a killer. Kakugo and Data Loop also drop their hand size as they run. Jinteki: Personal Evolution and Ben Musashi make it difficult to steal with a low hand size. Impossibly difficult in the case of Obokata Protocol. To speed up your own tempo you have Rashida Jaheem and Bloom to get your scoring remote set up with your barriers. Once set up Nisei MK II and your on-demand net damage make it impossible to run on. Breached Dome provides Archives protection in case you need to dump an agenda there or if they're running Stargate or Apocalypse. Sadaka is there to counter Hunting Grounds and Film Critic. Medical Research Fundraiser helps your operation econ, and this deck is designed to work against a rich runner anyway. The ICE is porous but taxing. They'll be able to make successful runs on your centrals, but will have to stop and draw for several clicks before attempting another. Use this time to set up and score in the remote.

Bloom could alternatively be an Enigma to help rush early agendas, but slows your glacier setup.