[TBB-Mod] Teaching Anarch

linduxed 9

Anarch was a bit tricky to build, as one could go a couple of different routes with them.

These were some themes that I wanted to showcase with the deck:

  • ICE destruction, as it's so uniquely Anarch.
  • Viruses.
  • Recursion.
  • ICE strength lowering.

The rest of the cards are a support suite for these goals.

As a consequence of the limited card pool, card draw staples such as I've Had Worse and Inject are not available, therefore Earthrise Hotel is used. Labor Rights was added as additional support for both recursion and draw.

About [TBB-Mod]

In preparing for a Netrunner event for beginners, I needed to build some decks that would both be fun to play with and that would demonstrate each faction's style.

Fortunately for me, TheBigBoy built seven teaching decks and wrote two articles describing the decks:

  • https://runthenet.wordpress.com/2016/08/23/recommended-teachinglearning-decks/
  • https://runthenet.wordpress.com/2017/05/29/teaching-and-learning-jinteki-deck/

However, I decided against using the decks unmodified.

I had recently gone through my collection and stashed away every card from a set that's older than the SanSan cycle (including C&C, H&P, and O&C), in an effort to modernize the card pool. The only exceptions were the cards present in System Core 2019.

As a challenge (and to satisfy my preferences) I decided to take each teaching deck made by TheBigBoy and use them as inspiration for a new set of decks. Some are similar, others changed drastically.

Following are the requirements:

  1. Cards from SanSan and forward, excluding Revised Core. At the time of writing, this does not include Uprising. IDs may be OK, if one fits the idea of the deck well.
  2. Only cards from the faction itself and neutral cards are allowed.
  3. Decks should be representative of the faction's style.
  4. If many styles could be expressed by one faction, try to avoid cramming them all in just for demonstration's sake.
  5. When in doubt, have a look at what can be built with just a System Core, and extrapolate from there.
  6. Use MWL as a list of cards to generally avoid.
  7. Generally stick to Netrunner basics. Subsequently, avoid gimmicks and exotic combos.

This may stray away from the original ideas of TheBigBoy, but his work was much appreciated when building these decks.