Matchup 2: NoiseShop v Panic Pal (Le Classique)

3N1GM4 229

What Your Deck Does

This is a control deck; you have tools to pressure every central server and put real strain on the Corp’s economy, but you have a lot of pieces to find and get on the board and will have to adjust your gameplan based on what cards you draw and how the game develops. Use Wyldside and Adjusted Chronotype to draw cards, Aesop's Pawnshop to provide your economy and Faust or Parasite to threaten servers. Once you’ve set-up, go back through your deck with Levy AR Lab Access and use the powerful multi-access of Medium and your ID ability to close the game out.

Cards to Mulligan For

Aesop's Pawnshop and Wyldside.

Tips and Tricks for the Matchup

Mulligan for the cards above; everything else will follow. Once you have that engine set-up, make sure that you’re using Aesop's Pawnshop to trash something every turn, even if you think you might need it later; you can always get it back again later. Above all, you need to put pressure on the Corp and force them to rez ice when and where they don’t want to. Use central pressure tools like Datasucker, Lamprey or Medium to do this, then sell them to Aesop once the Corp has responded and pivot your pressure to another server. If the Corp doesn’t respond then Medium big digs or Lamprey lock will often be enough to close out the game. A lot of the ice in the deck is very unpleasant for you to deal with, so think about when you can afford to take a punishing face-check and when you can’t. Be selective about what you Parasite; often your priority is to stop the Corp scoring so that your late game pressure will carry you over the line.

Think carefully about what you use Déjà Vu for; usually you’ll want to get at least one Cache back to keep your economy rolling, but often the other card should be Parasite or Lamprey to make sure you’re exerting as much pressure as possible on the Corp. Don’t worry about throwing cards away to Faust to keep the Corp honest, but be aware that it might hurt you in later turns if you’re too aggressive. Caprice Nisei is an opportunity to keep the Corp poor, so make sure you can run that server multiple times if necessary and force the Corp to pay to defend her. Above all, don’t repeatedly run archives; let the milled cards build up and run it when you need to or have a spare click.