Matchup 4: Reg Whizz v CtM (Le Classique)

3N1GM4 229

What Your Deck Does

This deck isn’t complicated; it’s breakers, draw cards, economy cards and multiaccess. Set-up your efficient rig as quickly as possible, use Temüjin Contract to make a lot of money very quickly, and use your ID ability to control the board. Punch a hole in the Corp’s defences with Parasite, stop them scoring and then finish the game with Medium.

Cards to Mulligan For

Inject, Temüjin Contract, Street Peddler

Tips and Tricks for the Matchup

Be aware that however many credits you might have, you might lose them all at any moment to Breaking News in to Closed Accounts. Try to leave some credits on a Temüjin Contract or Liberated Account to recover quickly if the worst should happen. The Corp player will want to score a Breaking News with at least one click to spare, so be proactive in checking remotes while being aware of Mumbad Virtual Tour. Don’t be too afraid of Hard-Hitting News; just try to ensure it’s expensive for the Corp to land. On the first few turns you’ll need to be search out Sensie Actors Unions and Commercial Bankers Groups; even one fire can start to take the game away from you. Don’t forget that trashing ice with Parasite will trigger the Corp's ID ability. You’ll often close the game out with Medium while going tag-me, but be aware that you can’t break an Archangel firing from a central so will have to pay through the trace. The first Temüjin Contract that you play will ideally go on HQ to maximise accesses, while in the late game it’s likely to go on R&D to fuel your Medium runs. Above all, remember that a lot of the power in your deck results from making runs, so don’t be scared to be aggressive!