Palana Always Advance 1.2

arieli61 2

Classic Always Advance deck. Flatline/FA edition.

  • Put taxing ICE on centrals and drop IAA-ed or Mushined Traps and Agendas into remotes. If they start to check all remotes they get fried.
  • Palana and NGO will take care of money. Click if you don't have anything interesting in hand. You have time.
  • Recur traps and Mushins. More mind games!
  • Use Trick of Light to score using failed traps.
  • Look for a flatline with Contract Killer if Runner is not interested in remotes.
  • Keep Breached Domes in Archives, Snares in HQ.
  • Put three Kakugos on RnD just for fun.
  • Mushin and advance an Agenda on 1st turn, score it on turn 10. Along with Clones.
  • Let steal first Medical Breaktrough just to ToL second one and score third one from hand.
  • Don't get below 4c.
  • Play usual Jinteki mind games.

Have Fun!