Permafrost Pastures 6-0 1st GvC 2019

Hyperbolic_Mess 171

This is my vegan horizontal glacial gagarin deck that paired up with my Iain deck took me to a 12-0 win at the 2019 Gaming Vs Cancer random ID tournament. By just building the deck out of assets and ice you demand so much of the runner forcing them to deal with your wide game of tour guide, team spo, amani, Jeeves and bankers then if they answer that you can transition into surveyor, border control, excalibur/ash/reduced service schenanigans. I built it as a "fair" gagarin with 4 face up agendas for maximum honesty because I felt bad about forcing people to play against gagarin. Turns out the free tempo and team spo/amani tricks you can pull with new construction proved suprisingly powerful in a deck with solid ice and 20 assets. IUSE was also a big suprise providing so much immediate value from rashida, hedge fund and tech startup as well as paying for the bigger out of faction assets. The audacity makes an excellent finisher with several of my wins coming from never advanced food with Jeeves and audacity. Eleventeen/10 would play oxymoronic deck again