bin.dec 2019

johno 585

Bin and in.

The rules:
- All 0-influence cards with trash effects must go in, full playsets (3-of or 6-of as appropriate)
- Influence may only be spent on cards with trash effects
- You're allowed 3 Tech Trader and 3 Hostage
- As a concession, I also took 1 Bukhgalter since there are no "permanent" killers following the rotation of Lustig

Some observations:
Peddler is still the most fun card in Netrunner and an automatic splash here
Gbahali is really quite a lot better than Kongamato.
Bochkin combos with tag-removal of Forger or Kill Switch very nicely for some bonus draw and money.
3 Same Old Thing is mandatory so just use it for Hostage -> Tech Trader. Spare hostages can be spent on quite spicy tutors, e.g. surprise Muertos or PolOp (or good old Peddler).
There are numerous blank cards in this deck.